BPPV Relief

BPPV Relief was created to educate users on the proper way to diagnose and treat BPPV based on recommendations by the Clinical Practice Guideline for BPPV updated in 2017 by the American Academy of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery Foundation. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a common condition affecting the inner ear balance system. This educational tool shows the common and recommended tests and treatment manoeuvres for BPPV in easy to follow animations. Animations show you how to perform diagnostic tests for the posterior and horizontal canals. Each animation shows the direction of eye movements (nystagmus) seen with a positive test. Animations showing the common treatment manoeuvres also show the semicircular canals moving in the same plane as the head with the crystals moving around and out of the canal during each manoeuvre. It can be found on IOS Here

BPV Treatment

BPV Treatment was made for the University of Sydney. It was designed based on collaboration with The Balance Clinic and Laboratory It builds upon and simplifies BPPV Relief for use in Hospital Emergency Departments to Diagnose and Treat patients with Posterior Canal BPV. BPV Treatment is a more specalised tool than BPPV Relief with a strong focus on educating and quizzing users on the proper way to Diagnose and Treat BPV

Warsword Conquest

Warsword Conquest Homepage

Warsword Conquest is total conversion mod for mount and blade warband for Warhammer. My main areas of work include particle systems, python scripting, modelling, texturing and shaders.

Afterglow Spaceshooter

Afterglow spaceshooter was made alongside a sound designer to practice Fmod integration. The major skills focused on here were Pathfinding, Ai, Abilities and Mobile input.

Websites Link is a website to promote rehabilitation training for physiotherapists. It features a php contact form. link

BPPV was created to promote BPPV Relief and provide basic information on BPPV. link is a prototype for combining a contents creators platforms: youtube, twitch, twitter and merchant store into one easily accessible location.

The backend was created using php and mysql.

Vertigo Society link

Vertigo Society currently in development and features a MyBB forum implementation